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Why a virtual meeting?

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced us to postpone our Annual Global Conferences for two years in a row now. To ensure that everyone keeps in touch in the meantime, we are organizing one big virtual meeting for all 6 networks of our logistics group.

Almost for free

After extending our SIT Family Summit to two days, we feel like it is important to keep delivering the quality our members are used from us. That is why we decided to ask a small contribution this time around. However, there is the opportunity to get back this amount at our next physical conference.

24/7 support

Our HQ is doing everything in its power to make our SIT Family Summit run as smoothly as possible. That is why we are offering 24/7 support to our participants in case of technical problems or other questions.

Worldwide reach

Our SIT Family Summit is bringing together the best of no less than 6 different logistics networks, which each bring their own unique characteristics to the table.  To find more about our individual networks, take a look at their websites below.

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The Atlas Logistic Network is our oldest  logistic family and has been serving independent freight forwarders since 1998. Due to its exclusive character, Atlas’ main focus is on high-quality members, financial security and unique addes values.

The Apollo Cargo Alliance is the latest addition to our logistics family. Exclusive in nature and building on a team with more than 20 years of experience, it is ideal for all-around freight forwarders who are looking for fresh business opportunities.

The Atlas Breakbulk Alliance – ABA in short – is an premium exclusive logistics network dedicated to innovation and excellence. The main focus is on members that are active in the breakbulk and project  cargo industry.

The Alfa Logistics Family is our biggest logistics network counting 400+ agents. By focussing on all-around freight forwarders and offering its members a unique formula of added values, it is setting a new standard in the industry. 

Alfa Breakbulk is the non-exclusive counterpart of the Atlas Breakbulk Alliance. By offering its members a combination of competitive benefits and a waterproof code of ethics, Alfa Breakbulk has the opportunity to offer its members tailor-made solutions.

The Alfa Carshipping Family was created to follow a market need for service excellence and dedicated quality in the carshipping & cartrading world, where competition is intense but basic knowledge lacks at its foundation.