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What did our participants think?

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we still keep supporting our members in every way possible and we noticed you appreciate our efforts. Back in May, we organized the first edition of our joint virtual conference called SIT – Stay in Touch. Given that we never did this before, the event really was a positive experience.


We care about your opinion

Below, you can watch a collection of testimonials by our SIT attendees, because what we really care about is the opinion of our family members. Enjoy!

Sayeda Haleema Asif

Sialkot - Pakistan

“To me it was a wonderful idea of having the conference virtually. This way we could see with who we’re interacting with and with who
we’re communicating.”

Juliana Morales

San Jose - Costa Rica

“I got a lot out of it. We actually got 3 shipments out of it due to the SIT meeting. It was a really nice experience and very useful.”

Fernandoo Wu

Shenzhen - China

“Combining all the networks was a good idea. It gave us more chances to know other members from other networks and it gave us alot more opportunities.”

 “People can talk to each other and get a better understanding of each other’s capability and service scope.”

Martin Zhao

Shanghai - China

“The support by the HQ in case of any problems was always nice, it helps people to get more comfortable.”

Simge Erdag

Istanbul - Turkey

“The meetings we had during the SIT Family Summit were very good, it gave us an opportunity for the future.”

Lasse Gustafsson

Goteborg - Sweden